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I was born and grew up in Tashkent, to the family of a simple Soviet engineer. I was lucky to live for 4 years in Syria where I went to first class – one of the most colorful impressions of my childhood. Acquaintance with new country, its culture left an indelible mark on me and awoke passion for travel which has expressed itself so vividly later.

I learnt foreign languages easily and there were all the prerequisites that my professional activity would later be connected with foreign journalism, to which I showed great interest.

During my school time, I was an active participant of various social events but I did not strive to become an “excellent student” – I was a “good student”. Having changed 4 schools throughout these years, I have madelots of friends and acquaintances who now live practically all over the world – we still keep in touch.


I started work in the travel business thanks to my elder brother who had started 2 years earlier than me. At that time, I was already a good seller — my first job at UzXerox gave me a good background for developing sales skills.

After the first year of working in the tourism sphere, I went to London to attend professional management courses in the tourism industry. Having returned in the summer of 1998, I have started my work as a tour operator on the second after arrival. Today, our entire family is involved in the tourism sector, having taken its niche in various areas such as the hotel industry, hotel restaurant business, inbound tourism services, ticket sales, and transport services.

How did it all start? From one office and one employee. Today our business continues to expand – I try not to go beyond the scope of the tourism industry in terms of business.



25 years of working in tourism sphere, communication with people from all over the world, one hundred visited countries made me understand thatall people in the world live in the same way. Sure, there are some differences – it might be a different culture and customs, language, religion and social structure. Nevertheless, there are more things which unite us – everyone has some problems, worries, and dreams.

During a trip to every new country, I acquire something into my personal knowledge background, some unique skills and even partially adopt a way of thinking by observing non-standard approaches to familiar solutions.



First of all, it is necessary to constantly learn something new. Every 2-3 years I try to take new courses related not only to business management but also to personal development.

Sport keeps in the rhythm of the life itself, from my early childhood, it has held a valuable place in my life. Today, I love cycling – of course, I manage to find time for this activity only on weekends. There is already a dream connected with it – to ride 1200 km by bike. I also continue going in for classical sport disciplines – running and swimming.

Being born in the year of “Horse” according to the Eastern horoscope, I have a typical set of qualities related to this sign – activity and thirst for novelty, hence I cannot stay in one place for a long time. Therefore, I often travel – both in business and just to relax. This explains the number of marks on my personal globe which has already exceeded 40.


I consider persistence and sincerity to be the main traits of my character. I do not recognize deceit. I try to build relations basing on justice and fairness – unfortunately, it is not often that I encounter the same attitude in response.

I like huge events and corporate events a lot, as well as hearty time spending with friends and family at a table full of abundance!

It is not my credo to grieve over the mistakes of the past – this only pulls back. I always try to think about future and live in present.

I am a great fan of good literature – I read all books on personal development recommended by foreign friends, as well as interesting books with lifehacks from the outstanding persons of our history.



Date of Birth: 02.10.1978
Nationality: Uzbek
Marital Status: married, five children

1997-1998 – professional study course: International Tourism Managementat «Key Plan College», London, Great Britain
In 2001 graduated from Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization, Faculty of Economics «Accountant-Auditor»
2003 —internship in the USA, Marriot Hotel, Portland, under the program of public relations with the support of the US Department of State in state of Oregon
In 2009 I graduated from Tashkent State University of Economics, Master’s Degree in Accounting and Audit
In 2009  I graduated from Business Courses (Compressed MBA Course) at Japan-Uzbekistan Center for Human Development, PMP-13.

from 01.07.1997 to 01.08.1999 — «Sam Buh Tur»LLC, Deputy director of the hotel
from 02.08.1999 to 29.09.2000 – Travel Director at «Rovshan B&B» hotel
from 02.10.2000 to 01-04-2005 «Dolores Tur» LLC (BCD Travel), Director
from 03.12.2003 to 06.09.2005 «Grand Orzu» LLC, Director of the hotel
from 01.03.2005 to present – Director General of «Dolores Travel Group» LLC
from 01.08.2011 to 01.10.2015 Director General at HRG Uzbekistan


Events Visited


2020 / January 22-26. Spain, Madrid. FITUR is the meeting point for tourism professionals with the participation of Dolores Travel and our partners from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Together, we presented the Silk Road as a destination.


2019 / December 2-5. France, Cannes. The event of international scale presents tourist brands serving the category of luxury tourism. The organization of exclusive travel for VIP-tourists is one of the Dolores Travel’s profiles.


2019 / September 26-October 4-Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Sales Call meetings with partners, presentations of Uzbekistan, Central Asia and Russia as an attractive tourist destination for travelers from Malaysia.



29th Annual World Travel Awards

Company: Sixt Uzbekistan

Year: 2022

Scope of receipt:

Winner in the nomination “Uzbekistan’s Leading Car Rental Company 2022”

Versatile Excellence Travel Awards

Company: Dolores Travel Russia

Year: 2020

Scope of receipt:

Winner in nomination Upcoming Leisure Destination

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